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About SID2Go

The Scorer’s Table now offers SID2Go on-demand sports information services on a daily, season, or a la carte basis. All services will be handled by experienced and trained staff – many of whom are former full-time SIDs. Season and a la carte sports information services will be handled, for the most part, remotely. We will work with each school, tournament, or team, to design a plan for the right amount of needed services.

What we offer

  • Season Services
  • A la carte Services
  • Tournament Services
  • In-person Game Services
  • Offseason & Preseason
  • Update and upload statisticss (Postgame)
  • Press release/game recap
  • Social media
  • Website update
  • Score graphic update

Billed by the season & services  x number of games

  • Press release/game recap
  • Social media
  • Website update
  • Feature stories

SID2Go can provide statistics, SID services, and game management for your tournament event.

Contact us to discuss the scope of your event, determine the appropriate staffing, and get a quote.

SID2Go can provide sports information services or a game manager for your game.

Contact us for a quote.

  • Player Bios
  • Full coach/staff bios
  • Game notes
  • Stats history input
  • Publications research
  • And more!

Billed monthly by the game/event/services as needed.

Get a quote.

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Statement from
The Scorer's Table

As everyone knows, most games at all levels have either been canceled outright or delayed until some time after 3/31/2020.  The Scorer’s Table continues working closely with schools and associations to make sure we have the latest updates available. 
We will keep our workers and our clients informed as games begin to resume. We encourage our clients to stay in touch, and to take advantage of our many SID2Go services which might be useful during this very unusual and unprecedented time. 
We realize this is a difficult and disappointing time for everyone, and we share in that disappointment.  We also hope that things will soon return to normal.
Thank you for your understanding, and keep washing your hands.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.